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Types of Breast Asymmetry and How to Correct It

Posted February 26, 2018 in Breast Asymmetry

Woman adjusting her braWhile a majority of women experience some degree of breast asymmetry, this imbalance is generally not enough to be visibly noticeable, and usually goes unaddressed. For some women, however, breast asymmetry is not only visible, but it can create lasting emotional and physical discomfort. Having uneven breasts can damage your self-esteem, make you pull away from specific social or intimate interactions, and can even make it difficult to find clothes that fit properly. Whether this asymmetry is a result of genetics, physical trauma, or cancer-related treatments, uneven breasts are not something that you need to live with and accept. Depending on the type of asymmetry you experience, you have several options to obtain aesthetically appealing, matching breasts.

Unevenly Sized Breasts

It is actually uncommon for women to have perfectly matching breast sizes. Typically, one is slightly larger than the other, but, fortunately, the difference is small enough to overlook. For women who do not fall into this category, a number of breast surgeries can be performed to even out your breasts. When one breast is visibly smaller than the other, an implant is generally used to augment the smaller breast. In this situation, both silicone or saline implants can be used.

While not as common, some women desire to match their larger breast to the smaller one. If this is the case for you, breast reduction is the ideal surgery to make your breasts symmetrical. In this procedure, excess breast tissue, fat, and skin are removed. Breast reduction often includes some variation of a breast lift, so it may be necessary to include breast lift surgery on both breasts, even if there is only reduction of one side.

Unevenly Positioned Breasts or Uneven Nipple Placement

Breasts that sit at different levels or have uneven nipple placement are best suited for breast lift surgery. This procedure can correct sagging, the shape, and projection of the breasts. During breast lift surgery, the placement and projection of the nipple can be adjusted to reach an aesthetically appealing and raised level. While one breast may require more significant adjustment than the other, you may be better suited to lift both breasts to help ensure evenness of both the level of the breasts as well as the nipple placement.

The exact techniques used to correct breast asymmetry will be tailored directly to you. Depending on your concerns, you may require only one technique or a combination of techniques to create even shape, volume, and position. There is no reason to continue feeling self-conscious about the look or shape of your breasts. Any type of breast asymmetry can be fixed and tailored to your desires so that there is no longer a need to hide.