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Category: Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck or Liposuction?

Posted November 28, 2018

As you age, you may look in the mirror and notice a “pooched-out” stomach that can make you feel embarrassed or self-conscious about your appearance. When it comes to addressing body fat, most patients look into either tummy tuck surgery or liposuction. While both tummy tuck surgery and liposuction can provide long-lasting results that will […]

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Obtaining Your Best Summer Body Through Plastic Surgery

Posted October 18, 2018

Summer is in full swing, but many men and women feel they are not quite ready to show off their bodies. When engaging in fun summer activities such as barbecues, swimming, and family functions, many patients want to look and feel their best. However, some may feel insecure about that unwanted fat or sagging skin […]

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Lipo vs. Tummy Tuck

Posted July 31, 2018

When it comes to contouring the waistline, many patients often choose to undergo plastic surgery to achieve their desired look. Two of the most common surgical procedures to eliminate a flabby stomach are liposuction and tummy tuck surgery. While both methods can help you achieve a slimmer and more attractive figure, these procedures are not […]

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Abdominal Separation After Pregnancy

Posted July 18, 2017

Do you feel that your belly looks flabby following your pregnancy? Does an abdominal pooch prevent you from having the same, lean contours you had before your children? Abdominal laxity is one of the most chronic conditions women face after pregnancy. You may be struggling to regain the original tone of your abdomen even years […]

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