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Breast Augmentation & Implant Revision Surgery in Dallas

Revision of Augmentation Mammoplasty

Augmentation mammoplasty is a very common procedure which has a very high success rate and very high patient satisfaction level. The need for revision surgery to correct problems arising from augmentation mammoplasty do occur however, either due to complications of the surgery itself, or more commonly, due to changes that occur with the effects of time on both the patient and the implants themselves.

Some of these revisional surgical procedures are simple, while others can be quite complex.

A very high level of skill and understanding is required of the surgeon when revising these procedures. Dr. Carpenter is consulted by patients and referring physicians alike when issues arise regarding problems associated with cosmetic outcome following breast surgery. In Dallas, Texas Dr. Carpenter has a vast amount of experience in dealing with these problems, and can successfully correct or improve the problem in most cases. New procedures and materials that provide proven results in these difficult cases are utilized when appropriate. Each case is unique and, as such, requires thorough analysis and planning. This begins with a comprehensive initial consultation and examination and evaluation of prior surgical notes and details. A surgical plan for correction is then outlined and explained carefully, allowing patient input along the process.

Causes of Breast Augmentation Revision

Capsular Contracture:

Capsular contracture is caused by excess development and contraction of the otherwise normal tissue planes that surround the breast implant. This can lead to problems with the look and feel of the breasts. The solution can be quite straightforward, or very complex depending on the clinical circumstances. Patients are commonly referred to Dr. Carpenter for management of difficult capsular contracture issues. There are a number of procedures and materials that represent a cutting edge approach to this difficult problem, and Dr. Carpenter has considerable experience in understanding the nature of the problem and success in applying these corrective procedures.

Breast Implant Malposition and Stretch Deformity:

Breast Implant malposition, with or without stretch deformity, can be difficult breast augmentation revision procedures, depending on the degree of deformity. Frequently termed “Bottoming Out” with “Lateral Stretch”, the underlying problem is lack of adequate tissue support for the implant. A number of surgical options exist for correction, some of which are quite technical, requiring acute knowledge of the origin of the problem itself and cutting edge options for repair. Dr. Carpenter has vast experience in the Dallas, Texas area, utilizing these newer techniques, including the use of Acellular Dermal Matrixes to essentially rebuild the supportive elements of the breast and maintain proper implant support and positioning.

Breast Implant Rupture:

Breast implant rupture is usually due to the effects of wear and tear on implants that have been in position for many years. Revisional procedures are usually simple and can involve basic implant removal with or without exchange. Implant rupture, however, frequently is associated with any or all of the above potential complications. As a result, correction can be quite complex-requiring the skills and experience of a surgeon such as Dr. Carpenter, who can understand these complexities and apply appropriate cutting edge solutions as necessary.

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