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Breast Revision in Dallas, TX

Women undergo cosmetic surgical procedures of the breast to enhance shape, size, and symmetry. Typical reasons patients seek breast revision procedures include: 

  • Capsular contracture following breast implant procedures
  • Breast implant rupture
  • Breast implant removal, reduction or mastopexy
  • Breast reduction 
  • Breast implant malposition and/or stretch deformity leading to problems of tissue stability and shape/symmetry
  • Noticeable breast asymmetry
  • General unsatisfactory result 

While most revision procedures of the breast are straightforward, some are quite complex and demand advanced skill and experience to ensure a higher likelihood of successful correction.

Dr. William Carpenter is regarded as a highly skilled breast surgeon with vast experience. He has successfully performed these more complex procedures for more than 25 years. His patients are referred by premier doctors and prior patients from around the country for surgical consultation and revisional surgery of the breast. Dr. Carpenter uses state-of-the-art materials and techniques coupled with sound surgical judgement and a keen artistic sense to achieve optimal outcomes. 

Breast Revision Surgery Can Improve:

  • Breast Shape and Size
  • Breast Comfort
  • Breast Symmetry
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Breast Revision Procedures

A number of procedures and maneuvers are employed in an effort to optimize an unsatisfactory result following previous cosmetic surgery of the breast. Techniques used in modifications:  

Implant Replacement/Revision: Occasionally, an implant will need to be exchanged for one of a different size. Lifestyles and preferences change and some women may decide they want to alter the size or profile of their implants to achieve a different look.

Preferences change, and some women may decide they want to alter the size or profile of their implants to achieve a different look. Implant replacement enables women to exchange their current implants for alternative sizes, shapes, filling materials, or textures. The old implant will be removed, the breast pocket will be expanded or tightened as needed, and the new implant will be added. 

After an implant is placed, a capsule of scar tissue forms around it. Occasionally, this scar tissue will tighten, causing the implant to shift and harden in the breast pocket. This squeezing leads to physical pain and an unnatural breast appearance. The implant and the surrounding scar tissue must be removed and the capsule repaired before a new implant can be added.

Implant Reposition: This procedure corrects implant displacement where the implant has fallen below the inframammary crease. This condition may occur when a heavy implant is surrounded by weak breast tissue. During this procedure, the implant is repositioned, and the breast fold is tightened.

Implant Space or Pocket Modification and Implant Stabilization: Correcting, stabilizing  and rebuilding of the implant space or pocket modification are all techniques used to improve the integrity of the breast tissue for implant replacement and/or stabilization. 

While many of the techniques outlined are unique and very specialized, they are very effective when precisely and correctly employed. Having performed thousands of complex breast reconstruction procedures and cosmetic breast revision procedures utilizing these specialized techniques and materials such as grafts (Alloderm®) or mesh autologous fat grafting techniques to achieve optimal results, Dr. Carpenter is outstanding in his field and highly qualified in understanding the cause of an unsatisfactory result, determining the appropriate operative solution, and possessing the surgical skills to implement this solution.

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The Patient Experience

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The patient experience begins with a thorough review of the surgical plan “the blueprint” and after care instructions with Dr. William Carpenter. All surgical procedures are performed entirely and only by Dr. Carpenter.

Depending on the procedures personalized for each Breast Revision patient, surgery can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.

Surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia by M.D. anesthesiologists in state-of-the-art, licensed and accredited surgery centers specializing in outpatient and overnight care.

After surgery, post surgical dressings and garments are placed and then the patient is transferred to a private recovery room where one-on-one nursing care is provided. Most Breast Revision patients are discharged after recovery, however, some patients prefer to stay overnight for optimal comfort and nursing care.

With overnight cases, patients in the surgery center will get a post op visit the next morning from Dr. Carpenter where incision sites are reviewed and dressings and garments are changed. Once it is determined the patient can be released to go home, they will need a friend or relative to drive them home.

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For optimal comfort, patients should plan to have assistance during post operative recovery for the first 24 to 48 hours.

Patients are seen in Dr. Carpenter’s office typically 4 to 6 days following surgery and need to plan to come back for follow-up appointments one week, six weeks, and six months after their Breast Revision procedure.

Like any surgical procedure, the breast lift recovery process occurs in stages. Generally, patients feel mild discomfort, usually in the form of tension and are prescribed pain relief prescriptions during the initial stage of recovery. Most patients only need over-the-counter pain medication 48 hours after their procedure.

Typically, patients feel well enough to return to work after one week, but some may necessitate more at-home recovery before working. Vigorous activities and physical exercise must be avoided for six weeks or longer.

After you heal from your Breast Lift surgery, you will notice a significant improvement in your breast firmness, profile, and placement with a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing look.

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What Other Procedures Can Be Performed With Breast Revision Surgery?

In some cases, patients achieve their cosmetic objectives and desired results by combining multiple enhancement techniques. Breast Revision surgery can be performed in conjunction with several other procedures, including:

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The fees for Breast Revision surgery vary based on the unique techniques to be used and the extent of correction. During your initial consultation, Dr. Carpenter’s staff will estimate surgical, anesthesia and OR fees based on your tailored treatment plan.