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Chin and Cheek Augmentation in Dallas, TX

Chin augmentation with implants can dramatically restore facial balance and enhance overall facial aesthetics. Cheek augmentation is typically performed with specific fillers designed to be placed in a deeper position within the cheek. Similar to facial dermal fillers, however these fillers are “thicker” and have a longer duration of effect.

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Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation or genioplasty enhances the shape, size, and projection of the chin to better balance facial features. This procedure involves inserting a silicone implant through a very small, discreet incision under the chin. An alternative approach to a surgical implant may be performed through a fat transfer to the chin in more mild to moderate cases. The fat transfer approach is a two-part procedure that Dr. Carpenter will describe during your private consultation.

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Facial Fillers and Injectables for Chin and Cheek

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Facial aging produces predictable changes in the appearance of the face, and often patients seek plastic surgical consultation to address this issue. More and more patients, both male and female now are proactive with respect to these predictable changes that occur with time.

Additionally, many Dallas patients seek consultation earlier than in the past in an effort to alleviate the initial changes that occur in aging. Though surgery always exists as an option when indicated, oftentimes “fillers” represent an excellent choice for the earliest changes due to aging or in cases where weight loss produces laxity that mimics facial aging. Modern fillers are composed of a fairly simple molecule called hyaluronic acid, which is itself a main component of skin. Modifications of the molecule are made for various applications, allowing for choices with respect to various areas of anatomy within the face.

Having a thorough understanding of the face with respect to its anatomy and anatomic changes that occur with aging, Dr. Carpenter can provide a clear and precise plan for the use of fillers and injectables to correct the earlier signs of facial aging. Dr. Carpenter personally performs the injection procedure at his facility in Dallas, precisely delivering the right filler to the correct location and depth, utilizing the appropriate volume and technique.

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Two predictable changes occur in aging of the face:

Loss of support and vertical descent of the face, typically in the cheek and midface, producing predictable lines along either side of the lower cheek and upper lip–the nasolabial fold. Other lines develop due to similar shifts in facial soft tissues around the mouth and chin. These lines and folds in the face respond well to facial fillers that are injected just under and within the skin to “fill in” the fold or crevice and alleviate its shadow.

Loss of soft tissue volume due to atrophy of deeper zones of tissue. Typical areas that predictably lose volume even with early aging include the cheek region and the upper and lower lip. These areas respond extremely well to volume replacement with fillers, utilizing formulas specifically designed for these areas.

Utilizing fillers for the predictable early signs of facial aging has become extremely popular. These materials are very effective and relatively simple compared to operative procedures. And can be performed at the Dallas office. They are, however, not a replacement for surgery in cases of more advanced facial aging, particularly when those changes begin to affect the lower face and neck.

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