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Breast Lift (Mastopexy) in Dallas, TX

The breast of a woman undergoes many changes in a lifetime and generally pregnancy, aging, weight loss or weight gain produce negative effects on the aesthetics of the breast. Unfortunately, these changes are not reversible with exercise, as many patients try to develop “tone” to no avail. These changes in breast tone, shape, position and size can limit the style of clothing a patient can wear, their ability to comfortably perform physical activities and engage in vigorous exercise.

Dr. Carpenter is a highly accomplished plastic surgeon who understands the principles of breast development, anatomy, and changes in anatomy associated with breast looseness and ptosis. He is laser focused on the aesthetic importance of anatomical balance and proportion which is taken into consideration during the development of the surgical plan. The anatomical basis of breast aesthetics is key in understanding and implementing the correct surgical procedures for each case.

Benefits of Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Breast lift (mastopexy) procedures can be extremely effective in restoring breast position, size, shape and symmetry to…

  • Improve breast appearance and firmness
  • Correct deflated breasts and nipples that point downward
  • Correct breast asymmetry
  • Improve body image
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Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Procedures:

The approach and surgical plan of a Mastopexy procedure depend on the areas of concern and each patient’s unique anatomy.

Periareolar Lift: This procedure can lift the central breast and nipple to a limited extent. Exceptions include constriction anatomy and tubular breast anatomy, both congenital anatomical variants.

Vertical Mastopexy: The most common form of mastopexy in our practice. This procedure is extremely useful in correction of most forms of breast laxity caused by pregnancy, aging, and weight change.  It raises the nipple and areola, reduces the circumference of the areola, tightens the central breast, enhances upper breast volume, enhances breast projection off of the chest, and raises the loose breast to a position above the breast or inframammary fold. The scars are very limited and discreet.

Inverted T, Wise (Weiss) Pattern Mastopexy: This is another common mastopexy procedure which is most useful in cases where there exists a more severe degree of laxity or ptosis. Likewise, this procedure is very effective in lifting the very loose breast to a normal or optimum position. There is an additional scar that is placed within the breast crease or inframammary fold, but this scar is also quite discreet and well hidden below the breast.

Breast Lift or Mastopexy with an implant: Not uncommonly, loss of breast tone is accompanied by loss of central and upper breast volume that a pure mastopexy cannot address. In cases such as this, a small or moderate implant can be utilized along with the breast lift procedure. Occasionally, the breast lift procedure is completed and allowed to fully heal prior to the augmentation procedure with an implant. Staging the procedures in this manner is done when more volume is desired in severely loose breasts or for patients that need a breast lift procedure but who also desire a substantially larger implant. To achieve consistent optimum results, strict parameters are established when utilizing an implant with the lift procedure and these will be discussed at the initial consultation.

The Patient Experience

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The patient experience begins with a thorough review of the surgical plan “the blueprint” and after care instructions with Dr. William Carpenter. All surgical procedures are performed entirely and only by Dr. Carpenter.

Depending on the procedures personalized for each Breast Lift patient, surgery can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.

Surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia by M.D. anesthesiologists in state-of-the-art, licensed and accredited surgery centers specializing in outpatient and overnight care.

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After surgery, post surgical dressings and garments are placed and then the patient is transferred to a private recovery room where one-on-one nursing care is provided. Most Breast Lift patients are discharged after recovery, however, some patients prefer to stay overnight for optimal comfort and nursing care.

With overnight cases, patients in the surgery center will get a post op visit the next morning from Dr. Carpenter where incision sites are reviewed and dressings and garments are changed. Once it is determined the patient can be released to go home, they will need a friend or relative to drive them home and assist them with post operative recovery for the first 24-48 hours.

Patients are seen in Dr. Carpenter’s office typically 4 to 6 days following surgery and need to plan to come back for follow-up appointments one week, six weeks, and six months after their Breast Lift procedure.

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Like any surgical procedure, the breast lift recovery process occurs in stages. Generally, patients feel mild discomfort, usually in the form of tension and are prescribed pain relief prescriptions during the initial stage of recovery. Most patients only need over-the-counter pain medication 48 hours after their procedure.

Typically, patients feel well enough to return to work after one week, but some may necessitate more at-home recovery before working. Vigorous activities and physical exercise must be avoided for six weeks or longer.

After you heal from your Breast Lift surgery, you will notice a significant improvement in your breast firmness, profile, and placement with a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing look.

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What Other Procedures Can Be Performed With Breast Lift Surgery?

In some cases, patients achieve their cosmetic objectives and desired results by combining multiple enhancement techniques. Breast lift surgery can be performed in conjunction with several other procedures, including: 

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The fees for Breast Lift surgery vary based on the unique techniques used and the extent of correction. During your initial consultation, Dr. Carpenter’s staff will estimate surgical, anesthesia and OR fees based on your tailored treatment plan.