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Breast Lift in Dallas, TX

Sagging of the breasts, also known as breast ptosis, is a common concern among women of all ages. Women who experience breast ptosis due to aging, weight fluctuations, or pregnancy can benefit from undergoing breast lift surgery. Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, corrects drooping breasts by adjusting the existing tissue and trimming away excess skin. This procedure may also involve the reshaping or repositioning of enlarged or malpositioned areolas, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Dr. William Carpenter has cultivated the precise surgical expertise and anatomical education needed to perform breast lift surgery with outstanding results. During your initial consultation, Dr. Carpenter will analyze the shape and size of your breasts and devise a personalized breast lift procedure tailored to your individual needs.

Breast Lift Surgery Can…

Improve Breast Appearance

Over time, a woman’s breasts can lose elasticity and begin to droop. Breast lift surgery provides comprehensive breast improvement by rearranging the natural breast tissue and removing excess skin to create a perkier and more balanced bustline. Patients who undergo breast lift surgery can obtain the shapely and symmetrical breasts of their dreams.

Restore Youthfulness

While breast ptosis can occur at any age, it is often associated with unwanted maturation. Women often experience breast ptosis as a result of breastfeeding, pregnancy, aging, or significant weight loss. Breast lift surgery restores youthfulness to sagging breasts, producing a firmer, perkier bustline. Women who choose breast lift surgery can enjoy natural, supple, and younger-looking breasts.

Boost Self-confidence

Pendulous breasts that lack adequate volume can have a dramatic effect on a woman’s body image. Breast lift surgery alleviates the emotional distress caused by breast ptosis by repositioning a woman’s breast tissue to give them a more pleasing aesthetic. Having an enhanced bust can replenish a woman’s self-confidence and overall happiness.

Breast Lift Options

Incision Techniques


  • Incision encircles the areolas
  • Minimal excess skin can be removed, and areolas may be resized
  • Ideal for patients with mild breast ptosis


  • Incision follows the perimeter of the areolas and continues down the lower breast to the inframammary fold
  • A modest amount of excess skin can be removed, and areolas may be reduced as well as repositioned
  • Ideal for patients with moderate breast ptosis

Inverted T

  • Incision encircles the areolas, continues down the lower breast, and follows along the inframammary fold
  • Significant excess skin and tissue may be removed
  • Areolas may be reduced and repositioned
  • Ideal for patients with severe breast ptosis


Sometimes, patients achieve their desired results by combining multiple enhancement techniques. Breast lift surgery can be performed in conjunction with several other procedures, including:



Patients can go home after a short observation following their breast lift procedure. Dr. Carpenter provides all patients with detailed aftercare instructions that explain proper cleaning and physical limitations. Typically, patients feel well enough to return to work after one week, but some may necessitate more at-home recovery before working. Vigorous activities and physical exercise must be avoided for six weeks or longer. Patients will come back for follow-up appointments one week, six weeks, and six months after their breast lift.


Surgery always comes with the risk of developing visible scarring. Fortunately, Dr. Carpenter is careful to place all breast lift incisions in discreet locations that can be hidden with undergarments.


The cost of your unique breast lift surgery will depend on several factors, including surgical technique, geographical location, facility fees, and anesthesia fees. You will be given an accurate cost estimate that reflects your individualized surgical plan during your consultation.


Mild discomfort, usually in the form of tension, is expected after breast lift surgery. You will be prescribed medicine to assuage any pain during the initial stage of recovery, but most patients only need over-the-counter pain medication 48 hours after their procedure.

Before & After


The best candidates for breast lift surgery are healthy, have realistic expectations of the procedure, and can relate to one or more of the following:

  • Pendulous, deflated breasts
  • Nipples that point downward
  • Lack of breast firmness
  • Breast asymmetry

Breast lift surgery can last between two and three hours, depending on the extent of correction required.

Dr. Carpenter usually uses general anesthesia during his breast lift procedures to ensure patient comfort.

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