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Affording a Body Lift After Weight Loss

Posted January 15, 2018 in Financing Options

The weight loss journey can be difficult, and the path you take to become healthier and more fit isn’t straight. For many, while their weight loss struggle transforms into a happier, more positive lifestyle, they are still burdened by the memories of their old life. Excess skin accumulation, while typical for most dramatic weight loss patients, is an unwanted reminder of the old body they once had. Folds of skin after weight loss are not only unsightly but can also be physical and emotionally painful. That is where a body lift comes in.

With body lift surgery, we can remove hanging skin, tighten the contours of your body, and show off the new, healthy definition of your abdominal area. The hurtle many people face isn’t if they should undergo body lift surgery, but how they will afford it.

Using Insurance

Are You Covered?While most plastic surgery procedures are considered elective and aren’t covered by insurance, body lift after weight loss or bariatric surgery might be. Since body lift surgery is often performed for medical and hygiene reasons, in addition to aesthetic, it may be covered by your insurance. While insurance coverages vary among companies, if you are considering body lift surgery, the first step you should take is to contact your insurance company and discover your coverage options.

Using Patient Financing Options

CareCredit-LogoMedical-based financing may be the ideal option for people who don’t qualify for insurance coverage and otherwise cannot afford the procedure as an out of pocket cost. It can take years to save up the money to undergo a body lift procedure. With medical-based financing options that are designed around the patient’s needs, you can be one step closer to the body you love. Dr. William Carpenter works with CareCredit® and Parasail® to offer financing in a variety of terms. You can visit their websites to see what you are pre-approved for today with CareCredit® or Parasail®.

Don’t let the cost stand in the way of your transformation. For more information about body lift surgery and how it can help you, call 214-827-8407.