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Who Can Perform BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections?

Posted June 13, 2018 in BOTOX® Cosmetic

No matter how hard we try to prevent it from happening, the effects of aging are inevitable. While many surgical procedures can diminish signs of aging, most patients prefer less invasive methods such as BOTOX® Cosmetic. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a non-surgical muscle relaxer used to smooth and rejuvenate the skin while treating unwanted lines and wrinkles. While it is a simple procedure, patients considering this treatment should understand the importance of having a trained professional perform their BOTOX® Cosmetic injection.

Young Man Having Botox Treatment


Aging can affect every person differently. Whether your skin has been damaged due to sun exposure or inadequate facial care, BOTOX® Cosmetic can address facial imperfections along the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes and mouth. Dr. Carpenter will evaluate your facial structure, go over the risks and side effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic, and address your individual needs. If your skin requires extensive treatment, other injectable fillers can be combined with your procedure.

BOTOX® Cosmetic should not be taken lightly, and Dr. Carpenter makes it his priority to carefully examine his patient’s facial muscles to make sure they achieve maximum results.


After you have completed your evaluation, a small amount will be injected into your skin, and the muscles around your face will start to relax. After a week, you will notice wrinkles and lines beginning to decrease and your facial appearance improving. BOTOX® Cosmetic can last up to five months, and you are welcome to undergo another treatment once your results being to diminish.

Your BOTOX® Cosmetic procedure will be handled by a trained and licensed professional to ensure the treatment is performed correctly and safely. In some cases, a registered nurse or physician assistant can perform the injection, but only under their supervision of a trained professional. No unlicensed person can perform this procedure.

To learn more about BOTOX® Cosmetic and to determine if you are a good candidate, you can schedule a consultation with us online or call our office at (214) 827-8407.