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The Gummy Bear Difference

Posted April 16, 2018 in Gummy Bear Implants

Every year, breast augmentation is performed more than any other cosmetic procedure. When deciding to pursue breast augmentation surgery, there are many things you will need to consider, including the new breast size you desire. However, one important point to consider is who will be performing your surgery and their skill at the procedure. Ultimately, the skill of your surgeon can determine the success of your surgery. Dr. Carpenter is a highly experienced breast augmentation surgeon. When performing this procedure, he prefers to use gummy bear implants for several reasons, and his skill in working with them makes them a strong choice for many patients.

Carpenter Gummy Bear Implants Patient

Why Gummy Bear?

Silicone implants are often the preferred choice for women who undergo breast augmentation surgery. Many women feel that they look and feel more natural. Gummy bear implants take silicone to the next level.

A gummy bear implant is made of a silicone casing and filled with a stable silicone gel. Traditional silicone implants contain a liquid form of silicone, making potential ruptures more serious. A silicone implant rupture can be difficult to detect (sometimes, detection requires an MRI), and since traditional liquid silicone gel does not absorb into the body (as saline does), a rupture of this type typically requires surgical attention. However, the gummy bear implant is filled with a stable form of silicone. Even when the implant is cut in half, the inner filling remains in place. This lowers the risk of rupture complications.

One downside to the gummy bear implant, as with any silicone implant, is that the implant requires a longer incision than saline implants. The implant is inserted into the body already filled, so the entire implant has to fit through the incision. This also limits the potential incision locations. Dr. Carpenter can review your options during his consultation with you prior to your procedure.

Why Choose Dr. Carpenter?

Dr. Carpenter’s experience with the gummy bear implant is unparalleled. Prior to the release of the gummy bear implant, he was chosen to be part of the clinical team working on FDA approval of the gummy bear implant. During this time, he performed over a thousand procedures, providing extensive clinical data toward its approval. His results were published in 2016. Due to his immense experience, surgeons travel from all over to observe Dr. Carpenter’s technique with these implants. Because they are different than traditional silicone implants, these implants require very accurate planning to ensure proper size and placement to achieve the desired result. His extensive work with the gummy bear implant makes Dr. Carpenter a highly skilled surgeon for this procedure.

To find out more about how gummy bear implants can enhance your figure, please call us today at 214-827-8407.