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Breast Asymmetry in Dallas, TX

While most women experience some size and shape differences between their breasts, dramatic breast asymmetry can make a patient feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. Fortunately, breast asymmetry correction is an appropriate, safe, and effective solution. Dr. William Carpenter utilizes the most advanced measuring and surgical techniques available to provide his patients with the beautiful, symmetrical breasts they desire. By applying his unparalleled skill and keen eye for detail, Dr. Carpenter ensures maximum comfort throughout the enhancement journey and produces outstanding aesthetic results.

Breast Asymmetry Correction Can Improve

Differently Sized Breasts

Various factors can contribute to uneven breast volume that causes one breast to be larger than the other. Having disproportionate breasts can make it difficult to find clothing that fits properly and can cause embarrassment. Patients can improve noticeable size differences between their breasts and boost their confidence with breast asymmetry correction.

Malpositioned Nipple-Areolar Complex

When the nipple-areolar complex is poorly positioned on the breast, it affects the overall breast aesthetic. Some women experience nipple displacement following breast surgery, but it can also occur naturally. Breast asymmetry correction can restore the nipple-areolar complex to a more pleasing and balanced position, enhancing the entire appearance of the chest.

Differently Shaped Breasts

Sometimes a woman’s breasts are the same size but their shapes do not match. While this type of imperfection may not be as apparent with everyday clothing on, it can pose some issues during intimacy or in bathing suits. Women can correct shape inequality between their breasts with breast asymmetry surgery and reinvigorate their morale.

Breast Asymmetry Solutions

Breast Augmentation

  • Breast augmentation corrects size asymmetry by adding volume to the smaller breast.
  • Usually, implants are placed in both breasts with a smaller implant in the larger breast so that both breasts have similar projection and shape.
  • This procedure can be performed several different ways depending on your anatomy and the look you wish to achieve.

Breast Lift

  • Breast lift surgery corrects shape asymmetry in sagging or droopy breasts.
  • One or both breasts can be lifted to a more attractive placement on the chest, and the tissue is repositioned to produce a firmer, perkier bust.
  • The nipple-areolar complex may also be corrected using this technique.
  • This procedure can be performed using several different techniques to create the breast aesthetic you desire.

Nipple Repositioning

  • Nipple repositioning can correct breast asymmetry caused by a malpositioned nipple-areolar complex.
  • During this procedure, one nipple-areolar complex is adjusted (usually placed in a higher position) on the breast to be more symmetrical with the other, or both can be adjusted as necessary.
  • This surgical technique results in a more balanced and pleasing breast appearance.



Recovery after breast asymmetry correction depends on the technique used during surgery. All patients receive thorough aftercare instructions specific to their customized procedure. Typically, recovery takes about two weeks, at which point normal activity may be resumed.


There is some risk of scarring after undergoing any surgical procedure. However, Dr. Carpenter places all incisions carefully to ensure that clothing can hide them. Scars tend to fade within a few months.


The cost of breast asymmetry correction depends on several factors, including whether or not implants were placed, the technique used, geographical location, and facility fees. During your consultation, an accurate price estimate will be calculated based on your cosmetic goals.


Patients usually experience the most pain during the first 48 hours after surgery. Pain medication will be prescribed to minimize any discomfort.


The best candidates for breast asymmetry correction are in generally good health and have realistic expectations of their surgery. Ideal candidates want to correct differences between their breasts, such as:

  • Nipple positions
  • Volume
  • Shape
  • Inframammary fold

Due to variations in asymmetry issues, breast augmentation, repositioning of the nipple, or breast lift surgery may be required. Your medical history, current breast shape, and cosmetic goals will determine which specific procedure will be performed. During your breast asymmetry consultation, Dr. Carpenter will develop a surgical plan tailored to your unique needs and desires.

Yes! Patients who experience compound breast asymmetry issues may obtain optimal results by combining procedures. Any of the breast asymmetry solutions may be performed in conjunction with another.

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