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Breast Asymmetry Correction in Dallas, Texas

Patients throughout Dallas, North Texas and the United States turn to Dr. Carpenter for the correction of uneven breasts. While most women experience some differences in their breast sizes and shapes, when the situation is noticeable or makes a patient uncomfortable, breast asymmetry correction is an appropriate, safe, and effective procedure. Breast asymmetry correction can:

  • Create even shape, volume, and position to the breasts
  • Refine the dimensions and shape of the breasts
  • Repair differences in the nipple positions or breast crease
  • Correct imbalances that result from genetics, physical trauma, mastectomy, or an unsuccessful surgery
  • Make it easier to find clothes that fit correctly

General Procedure

Dr. Carpenter utilizes the most advanced measuring and surgical procedures available to create symmetrical breasts. His skill ensures the best aesthetic results, as well as the most successful surgical procedure. Your medical history, current breast shape, and your goals for the results will determine the specific procedure that will be performed. As with all procedures, ensuring that the patient is well-informed of her options is of primary concern. Due to variations in asymmetry issues, breast implants, repositioning of the nipple, or breast lifts may be required. Breast reconstruction requires the use of the most sophisticated surgical techniques, and Dr. Carpenter will consult with each patient on their particular needs and procedures in the area of Dallas.

Recovery Process

The particular concerns of a patient’s breast asymmetry will dictate both the procedure and the recovery process. All patients are advised of their unique circumstances prior to the procedure being completed. Recovery typically takes less than two weeks, and scars will generally fade within a few months. Normal activity can resume within about two weeks.